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Square Peg Solutions helps companies build their own 1st line of defense against rising attrition and lower productivity through the strength of their managers and teams.

The people of Square Peg Solutions, LLC (SPS) came to a startling discovery one day. In the US, companies pay an average of over 70% of their gross revenue in wages and salaries worked (Keefer, 2016) – and yet over 50% of the people in the company are leaving because of their manager or are unmotivated, bored or all three (Lipman, 2015; Troyani, 2015; Lesko, 2016) .

Your executive team probably pays attention to the revenue that your products and services are bringing in – very closely. Do they have the same amount of time to pay attention to how they are spending the majority of that – on their people?

You have already realized there is an opportunity to engage in your talent – and bring your employees to a higher level. You know there’s more they want to do – and more that you’d like them to do – you may just not completely know how.

Square Peg Solutions has several approaches to help you do that: People & Process Improvement (P^2I); New & Front Line Manager (NFL-M) Training & Development program, Talent Engagement Solutions and Talent Trends for 2020.  All  programs are designed to help enhance the programs you may already have in place or begin the ones you need for your employees to be more for themselves – and their organization.

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Square Peg Solutions was founded with one goal in mind – helping companies get the most out of assets they already have – their employees.