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Square Peg Solutions: For leaders of small and medium sized companies who, with limited resources, need to deliver on their goals and hit the bottom line through the contribution of their employees.

Square Peg Solutions is a multi-platform practice that improves employees through their own talents & abilities. Unlike traditional HR consulting firms, Square Peg Solutions applies hands-on experiential approaches, operations methods and innovative organizational impact tools.

Speaking Engagement References

  • What do Front Line Managers really want? — Executive Leadership Conference
  • How are celebrities motivated at work? — Leadership training seminar
  • Company Culture – It’s an attitude, but there’s a reason — Company-wide training program
  • Our unique perspective and definition of attrition – Virginia SHRM Conference
  • Front Line Managers; more impact, more love – 2017 Innovision Conference
  • 2017 HR Academy – Northern Virginia SHRM Conference


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Non-profit and community service programs served

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Square Peg Solutions is as good as the people they develop by design.

  • “I was blown away by the work and the complete level of assessment [of the diagnostic]. I look forward to going into the next phase” – Director of Technology and Continuous Improvement, Charlotte, NC
  • “Loved the presentation! I was reminded about the importance of building the strength of your workforce by taking best advantage of the skill sets of your workforce.” – HR Consultant, Charlotte, NC
  • “I can absolutely see Square Peg coming into play with future management training.”Corporate Learning Manager, Charlotte, NC
  • “The key things I will take away from this presentation are how to focus on my strengths and the importance of developing a team with a diverse set of strengths that compliment each other. ” — LP Director
  • “This is good stuff! You did a fantastic job!” Leadership Development Director, Charlotte, NC
  • “Thank you, Ashley, for all you do! I think your training this morning helped everyone understand the process and why it’s so important.”Operations Manager, Charlotte, NC
  • “Thank you so much for coming in and helping us! We did incredibly well with our results!” – Front-Line Manager, Charlotte, NC
Ashley P. Lesko, President, Square Peg Solutions, Ph.D., MBA
Ashley P. Lesko, President, Square Peg Solutions, Ph.D., MBA