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Author: Don Tai



Square Peg Solutions works with mid-size companies, growth leaders and rising managers to create practical leaders and leadership programs to improve business continuity

Though our clients come from profit, non-profit, government, private & public corporations across industries and locations, our areas of expertise include:

  • Reliable Leadership Success
    • Tailored plans for action development of leaders
    • Front line, mid-level assessment, coaching, development
    • Something else – succession planning, transition, career engagement
  • Stand-up leadership development programs
    • Creation of custom-made leadership development program to grow with your company
    • Something else – one size doesn’t fit all, success planning, you can run it on your own, etc..
  • I² – Innovation Improvement Strategy
    • Creation of leadership culture of innovation & initiative – for employees and leaders
    • Alignment of business goals, employee talent
    • Long term development program to retain talent and business growth
    • Does that make sense? How to make it clearer?
  • Go-to Leadership Solution
    • Online solutions for busy leaders
    • Practical application with required results in top 9 leadership areas
    • put picture of 9 box here?
    • Something else – timing, use as you need, play as you go?