Choose Your Comeback Plan

Choose Your Comeback Plan

Turn crisis into opportunity. Choose Your Comeback Plan helps you decide which path is right for you.

2020 is coming at you whether you like it or not. Choose Your Comeback Plan is the essential guide for deciding how you’ll get your business up and running again.

Choose Your Comeback Plan is part business adventure and part resource guide. In the first half of the book, you’ll be faced with a series of decisions that will help you choose your own path and create your own outcomes. You can select the route you would normally go or try a different perspective – without risking anything. Each story reveals a different outcome and allows you to choose the ending that works best you and your team.

The second half of the book is filled with content to help you and your team devise your own winning comeback plan using a step-by-step approach that applies a 5-piece pivot plan. This hands-on guide with specific strategies, tactics and questions to help you determine how to pivot your organization and become an even better, stronger organization than you were before the crisis.

What readers are saying about Choose Your Comeback Plan…

An outstanding read!  Ashley does a great job helping leaders think through their Comeback Plan to establish a ‘new normal’.  This situational-based reading approach is absolutely genius.”
Ryan Loy, Global CIO, EBSCO Industries

“This book takes you on a visual journey that allows you to put yourself in each scenario, with real emotion. Ashley took the normal drudge of Corporate America and put feeling around how to deal with it, in today’s world”.
Rochelle Rivas, Former CEO of DARTON Group Consulting

“Innovative approach… Can’t wait to see it in print”.
Shiva Venketraman, Founder & CEO, Varidus

“Choose your Comeback Plan not only provides a creative and customized way to chart your path, this book provides workable templates and actionable steps to implement a comeback and a pivot plan.”
Monica Anderson Young, Principal, Assisted Communications

As every leader knows, the “new normal” is completely different from anything we’ve ever experienced. That’s why you need “Choose Your Comeback Plan.” This book offers a framework that helps you understand your true challenges, activate your team and develop a new strategy that engages employees to help your organization succeed.
Alison Davis, CEO of Davis & Company

Ashley Prisant, Ph.D. possesses a multi-faceted background that makes her uniquely qualified as a leadership and strategy implementation expert from her career as a Naval Officer to her leadership positions at during its the rapid-fire growth. Today, she teaches leadership, business and human resources courses for Harvard Extension School and leads Square Peg Solutions, a consulting firm focused on leadership and optimization. Her expertise lies in helping teams deliver results in a short time with limited resources, rapidly increasing productivity, and coaching leaders to maximize engagement while improving the bottom line. Choose Your Own Comeback Plan is Dr. Prisant’s second book, following Go Beyond the Job Description.

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