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Is it time to debut your “Unseen Picasso”?

Is it time to debut your “Unseen Picasso”?

A few months ago, I was watching one of my favorite shows, CBS’s “Scorpion”, and one of the characters, almost in passing, suggested that the other character had an “Unseen Picasso”.

Those two words, “Unseen Picasso”, grabbed my attention, and I began to reflect on what he meant by calling that out in the other character – and how it applies in real life – and at work.

In May of 2015, an actual unseen Picasso work of art from 2009 was revealed in the UK (see link for more info) and the art world received a gift in the form of a work of art from one of the greatest artists of last century.

Do you have an Unseen Picasso?

Stop a second. What do you do really well? If you could do this skill, that strength – for the majority of your job – you would just rock it out? Are you a builder of relationships? A salesperson or competitor to the nth degree? A developer of others? I’m not looking at your job title, I’m looking at skills sets, soft skills, talents.

We all have talents. There is something that you do that only you know how to do, to think or to say. It’s due to your lifetime experiences, your training, your personality – or maybe a combination. No one has lived your life. You could have “real” or tangible talents – amazing singer, an accountant that is a whiz with numbers, or those harder to see – such as motivator, leader, or learner.

What talents or strengths do you have right now –  but you’re not using? Do you have a hidden talent, and would like to use it? Is there a way you can use it in your day to day? Could you find a way?

A few years ago, I decided to go back to school (again) to get my PhD. It wasn’t the easiest thing – I changed my life once again, full time job, family, kids. I found that I not only liked to teach – I LOVED it. It was my Unseen Picasso.

To help others learn a topic, or see a concept in a different light based on their own experiences – was an amazing experience for me. However, I was not in a training/teaching position – and didn’t have the opportunity at the time to change over. I talked to my manager about a way to teach his department, and he agreed – I would train them, over the course of several months – in a short leadership development program to help them learn more about themselves and others.

It was a great experience – for all involved. I got to embrace my Unknown Picasso – something I had a talent for, and worked on my own time if I needed – which motivated me in my regular job as well. The department got to benefit from training and talent development when they would have had none. My manager took a chance on me, and I appreciate to this day what his trust in me did for my motivation at the time.

So I bring it back to you. You may have to take a chance. For yourself, for your team… or maybe even both.

What is your Unseen Picasso?

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