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Operations Strategy & Implementation

Operations Strategy & Implementation

SPS helps companies in rapid stages of growth get the job done – so they can grow faster.

  1. Organizational Evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation, reviewing operational processes currently in place.

    Companies that are in a high growth phase rarely have time to take a look at their own processes and teams and find where their risks of failure or gaps in their planning – they just don’t have the time.

    During a 2-4 day interview process, the following is reviewed and a written, structured evaluation is produced and given to the leadership team. The evaluation will focus on how the list is contributing to the organization with respect to the team’s goals, where potential risks are, and will make recommendations in areas of improvement.

    These recommendations can be implemented by leadership, the organization internally, or in conjunction with SPS.

    1. Goals for the org & the owner
    2. Current business plan
    3. Current budgets in place
    4. Org structure & job descriptions
    5. Leadership structure, management, comms practices
    6. Performance metrics
    7. HR policies & procedures
    8. Training development
    9. Org/ team training & strategy development
    10. Instructional design program setup

  2. Operations Implementation
    Once the evaluation is complete, SPS can implement any of the recommendations from the review. Areas that have been covered by recent organizations include:

    1. On-site acting Chief Operating Officer for 1-4 days/ week
    2. Operations Expenses review, development of reduction timeline
    3. Business / Operations Plan creation
    4. Development of:
      1. Department budgets
      2. Expense guidelines
      3. Key performance metrics
      4. Job descriptions
      5. Employee handbooks
      6. Leadership communication & meeting plan
      7. Job playbook development
      8. Bench strength – employee backup plan
    5. Process improvement training
    6. Process improvement strategies
  3. Leadership Optimization

    No fast-growing company overlooks the importance of leadership – but that doesn’t mean it has the time to optimize their leader’s performance. Some leaders may need quick, high-level touch points on their business-critical leadership skills, others may need more in-depth construction of their key skills.

    Using proven leadership techniques from Fortune 500 companies and top business schools, we can provide a balanced approach with a separate, strategic perspective on scaling, leading and growing your business.

    • Executive leadership
    • Mid-level management
    • Front-line leaders
    • New/ emerging leaders

    The programs will optimize your leader’s abilities in the format that fits best for them: online, in person, remote and hybrid programs are available.

  4. Back Office Deliverables

    Fast growing companies have to focus on clients – getting their products and services in the right place, at the right time. SPS can help you with back office solutions with a single point of contact:

    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll processing
    • HR processes, benefits, procedures
    • IT Services

You can choose the services that are right for you for a simple, fixed monthly fee. All services would come with C-level reporting with the option to review monthly.