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New and Front Line Manager – NFL-M

New and Front Line Manager – NFL-M

“Be the difference that makes your next leaders great.” 

Up to 30% of the employees of most companies consist of new and front line managers*. Yet, only 5% of this group feel ready to do their job. How would you feel if you had to take a chance that your doctor was the 1 in 20 ready to work with you?

Most employers don’t have the time to develop this group of employees that desperately need the training. Many believe that soft skills can be learned OJT (on the job training) – or they either have it or they don’t. Where this can be the case sometimes – it’s not true all of them time.

Nearly 50% of people quit their jobs because of their immediate manager. Are your managers part of this problem now?

Or do they know how to be part of the solutions?

Square Peg Solutions has done significant research in this area, and has the ability to help you prepare your NFL-M not only for their next year but for a career as a leader. Ranging from experiential and significant hands-on training only to developing the entire leader through a boot camp level of experiences and simulations (to ensure the ‘stickiness’ of the program) – Square Peg Solutions can help you make sure your leaders have what it takes to take care of those that matter most.

Areas of coverage: Leadership development, training, attrition reduction, productivity increases


*New managers = <5 years as a manager;

*Front line managers = leading employees directly with no other management