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People & Process Improvements – P2I

People & Process Improvements – P2I

“People Kaizens” 

Some people are good at developing people. Some are good at developing processes. Square Peg Solutions looks at the two interchangeably and takes the lessons of operations in process improvement and efficiency and combines them with the power of the employee – the talents, strengths, productivity and engagement to bring the employee and company to the next level.

How we do this: Using our popular Kaizen Packages (KP) – we tailor a productivity solution specific to your work force.  Building on the instruction of kaizen (which means continuous improvement in Japanese), we will first train your team on processes to help make them productive then actually work side by side to make those process improvements a reality.

Using the talents and motivation of your employees, you can integrate these efficiencies into your company culture to create – to drive impact while at the same time, engaging people to do more – both for themselves – and for the company.

The KP can work in any area of your organization – from accounting to design, from merchants to medical and from executives to front line. Based on the process, you should expect to see up to 15% improvement in processes in your organization.

Areas of coverage: Kaizen, process improvement training; operations processes, people engagement techniques, culture transformation