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Talent Trends for 2020

Talent Trends for 2020

The world as we know it gets smarter every day.

In 1992, 100 GB per hour was considered extremely large (aka “big data”).

In 2002, it was up to 100 GB per second.

In 2016, it is over 30,000 GB per second

Are you ready for the trends that are happening right now – in the wake of your employees?

  1. Be Prepared for the Gig economy.

The Gig economy is a state where short term positions are created and are common within organizations. The organizations work with independent contract workers for a short period of time.

The benefits to your company are obvious. You’re not paying benefits, you’re not dealing with long term payroll, and you can manage your staffing much faster. What are the disadvantages? How can you flex for this new ‘economy’, the one in which 40% of Americans may be a part of by 2020? (Intuit, 2016)

  1. Miles of Millennials.

If some say that Employee Engagement is a buzzword that is used over and over in a positive way, others may say that the “M” word is quite the opposite. However, with over 88 million millennials, this group is the largest group over 18 in the US (and that happened over a year ago).

They are diverse. They have information for everything – at their fingertips. They are educated, and are not motivated in the same way as previous generations.

And they are taking over.

Are those in leadership or individual contributor positions in your company prepared to take advantage of the strengths that the Millennials have to offer? Do you know what to do if you start seeing attrition numbers go up in this generation in your workplace? (Do you even have the ability to know if this is happening?)

Let’s talk about what millennials are. And are not.  Ways to reduce attrition. And build a better organization because of them, not in spite of them.


Square Peg Solutions can help your company be ready for emerging employee talent trends. Contact us today to be ready for 2020.