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Own your Today

Own your Today

I will say this in advance – this is not a plug for Charles Schwab, but I have to say I do like the company’s motto, Own your tomorrow. They are an investment company that makes their living on helping others get to their financial goals – typically in the distant future. The motto is strong because it empowers the customers to think they own a part of their future, their “destiny,” if you will. That not everything is left to chance – you can take ownership.

With the current events as they are these day, I would like to respectfully build on Schwab’s motto a little and say Own your Today.

There is a lot going on in the world: inflation, layoffs, and a dozen eggs that cost $6. We continue to be challenged in a variety of ways. However, you are not a victim. You are not subject to the fates of the world. You do have the ability to own what happens to you.

For example, let us say you are laid off because of job reductions. It has happened to many in the recent months. You could be a victim and say “Woe is me” … or you take it as an opportunity to do something better or maybe something you want to do. I have a former student that this recently happened. She could go on LinkedIn and complain and beg for anyone to connect her, to help her find something since she is a victim of circumstance. She has not done that. She has taken it upon herself not only to share her viewpoint and her challenges as she moves forward and look for “what’s next,” but to challenge others to improve themselves as well.

It could be a promotion you did not get. A fight with someone you are close to that you did not start. That what got you here, that you worked so hard to get or did not get you there, or someone in your life that just has it easier than you. It does not matter.

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Eleanor Roosevelt said that. Take her words to heart and take a chance by Owning your Today. Don’t wait – no one else can own your today – but you.